Pets come into our lives and teach us about love, they depart and teach us about loss. A new pet never replaces an old one, it merely expands the heart.

Below we honor the loving memories of these wonderful beings as we will be forever grateful of what they have added to our lives.



In loving memory of Dallas

April 2004 - February 2014

You were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye.

No longer at our sides, but forever in our hearts.

Love, Mommy & Daddy (Karen & Jim Gay)



What started out as a little pup arriving on a plane from St. Louis, turned into a 10 year bond with the cutest, funniest, smartest and most loving being we'd ever met. She was our alarm clock in the morning, a furry shoulder to cry on when we had a bad day and a tenacious ability for comic relief that always made us laugh and smile. Mom and Dad will forever love and miss you sweet girl. I'm sure your infectious spirit is entertaining all of the lost loved ones on the other side of the rainbow bridge.