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Dogs are miracles with paws.


Jake’s Journey is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower, encourage and equip individuals needing strength, support or therapeutic services provided by working dogs...


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When you see a person with a Service Dog, please understand that the dog is working.

Do not do anything to interrupt or distract the Service Dog. Loud noises or gestures aimed at the dog can be especially distracting. While experienced dogs will ignore you, younger dogs or puppies-in-training will struggle and lose focus.

Do not touch or ask to pet the Service Dog.

Do not ask personal questions about the handler's disability. Please respect their privacy.

Don't be offended if the handler does not wish to chat about their Service Dog.

Upcoming Events
Educational Speaking Engagement with Girl Scouts
They will learn how animals help people and earn their animal helper badges.
Contact us to come speak with your troop!
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Support Jakes Jounrey by shopping at smile.amazon.com

Support Jakes Jounrey by shopping at smile.amazon.com